Program for 2017

Reserving the right ot modify any event, here is the programme for the month of August.

Saturday 12th August 2017

20.30.  Opera ‘Dido and Aeneas’ by Purcell,

in the former cathedral of St. Etienne de la Cite, Perigueux.

Open to the Public.

Performed by the Choir ‘Eolides’, its soloists and musicians,

directed by their Choir Master, Benjamin Fau.

Tickets €25 a seat.

Sunday 13th August 2017

19.00 – Opera ‘Dido and Aeneas’ by Purcell in the grounds of Tourtoirac Chateau.  Performed by the Choir ‘Eolides’, its soloists and musicians, directed by their Choir Master, Benjamin Fau.


After the Opera, ‘Cocktail Gastronomique’ in the gardens, followed by the traditional Musical Soiree in the many rooms of the Chateau.  The evening will  be embellished by a Grand Firework Display as part of the Village Festival.

Reservation at €40 plus €10 subscription to the Association PACTE

Monday 14th August 2017

17.00 in Tourtoirac Abbey, a concert of Baroque Music performed by :

  • Para L’Elles,  female vocal ensemble led by Agnes Blin
  • the Flautist, Agnes Boursier

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20.00 – under the Marquee in Tourtoirac Square:

  • Brassens and his contemporaries by Edmond Siwek
  • Jazz classics and improvisations by Didier Freboeuf
  • Ad Lib  musicians of flute, guitar, harp, piano etc., all of whom are teaching throughour the Music Week, they will perform their favourites repertoires.

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Thursday 17th August 2017

20.30 in the Marquee in Tourtoirac Square

« CIAC BOUM » and «LO CLAPAT » two traditional folk groups will enliven a Traditionnal



Friday 18th August 2017

20.00 : Final concert in Tourtoirac Abbey.

The Choirs, Singers and musicians will present the works they have studied in their workshops throughout the weel


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Presentation of Musicians

Benjamin Fau

Benjamin Fau : Guitarist, choir master and orchestra conductor.  Studied musicology at Paris VIII and harmony and counterpoint at the Hector Berlioz Conservatory in Paris.  Orchestral and Chorale conducting inspired by A. McDonnell and J. J. Werner in Paris, together with the Phenomenology of Music under the guidance of Maestro Konrad von Abel.  Currently he is Choir Master for the Eolides Choir in Paris and the Mesnil Choir in Yvelines.  He works in France and Europe as Musical Director and guitarist (Chamber Music and Contemporary).


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The Alba Spina ensemble

The Alba Spina Ensemble pursues its exploration of 18th century Scottish and Irish Music, which resonates with today’s appreciation of traditional music.  Their programme is made up of a selection of published music and manuscripts appearing in London between 1690 and 1800.  Alba spina in compried of Pierre Nenez (Flutes and Daff), Thomas Thiebaud (violing and flutes) and Quentin Vestor (Celtic Harp and Clarsach). 


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The Para l'Elles ensemble

The vocal ensemble ’Para L’Elles’, created in September 2011 by Agnes Blin at the Municipal School for Music and Dance in Montmagny (95 Val d’Oise), explores the repertoire for female voices from the Renaissance to today.  Since its creation, Para L’Elles has performed many times and the Isle de France and the Périgord.  The ensemble is currently made up of seven amateur singers who come from very different backgrounds, but with a united passion for music.  The take it in turns as soloists in the group.


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Astryd Cottet

Astryd Cottet has a Diploma in Singing and a Masters in the teaching of Singing.  In Leipzig she is the teacher of singing for the Children’s Choir at the Opera and the radio.  She holds singling classes in Leipzig and Paris and gives classes to both individiuals and choirs.  She directs ‘ Petit Pain’ Choir which she set in in Leipzig and leads the musical direction of a masterclass in singing and interpretation in Tourtoirac Music Week for German and French singers.  In parallel  with these activities she continues to sing publicly as a mezzo-soprano.


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Didier Fréboeuf


Didier Freboeuf lays bare his musical universe.  Between composition and improvisation, jazz and world music, he enriches his desire for the right note with an accomplished consideration for silence.  He makes the piano speak as if, between him and the sound, there is no mechanical intermediary.  Organic music, emotive and masterly, a voyage without a compass in the heart of territories which he has cultivated with consistency for many years. (Article: Studio de l’Ermitage).


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Quentin Vestur


Quentin Vestur holds a degree in Music and Musicology from the University of Paris IV, Sorbonne and a State Diploma in traditional music. He has also trained in Ireland.


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Edmond Siwek

Edmund Siwek who is a self-taught and multi-talented artiste and exceptional entertainer at our folk, rock or traditional soirees, will perform with his guitar and voice, taking us back to the world og George Brassens and other French and International songs, on which we were nurtured from the 50s to the 70s – songs which were poetic and swept us away, and which will thrill you.

Agnés Boursier

Agnes Boursier, after having gained her prize for the flute and studies specialising in music training, now continues her studies in the flute classes of Frederic Chatoux at the Pole Superieur de Paris-Boulogne.


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